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At Kurso, we offer UDT operator courses on mobile platforms, cranes, forklifts, cranes, HDS, telehandlers, welding and welding.

Kurso - professional vocational courses

In Kurso training center we run professional vocational courses - our specialty is primarily UDT training, as well as welding and welding courses. Our services are aimed at people who want to gain broad and practical knowledge and skills to obtain employment as machine and device operators, mainly when UDT qualifications for operators and maintenance of handling equipment (UTB) are needed, and those who need electrical qualifications up to 1kV.

Why us?

Thanks to many years of experience in Kurso, we know how to conduct classes effectively and help students find a job quickly. We are distinguished from the competition not only by a wide educational offer, but also by modern teaching methods, qualified staff and very attractive prices. The curricula of our classes comply with the regulations, including the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection and other industry institutions.

The benefits our courses will give you:

We offer courses for:


In our center, we focus on practice, so during the classes we focus mainly on providing practical information that will be useful when working with cranes.

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We invite you to the hook syngallist course where you will gain knowledge on how to properly prepare and secure transported loads.

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We conduct classes for future crane operators. We provide comprehensive knowledge and skills needed to pass the UDT exam.

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In our center, you will learn how to work with lifts or lifts, often used at construction sites. After obtaining the qualifications, you will be able to work with both goods and passenger lifts.

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Mobile platforms

Scissor lifts - mobile platforms consisting of a working platform, boom and wheeled chassis

Lifts and scissor and basket lifts are one of the most common devices used for working at height. In our center you will gain practical skills required to work with these devices.

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Telescopic loaders

Telescopic loader

In our center you will learn the techniques of telescopic loaders (Manitou) and you will get the information required to pass the UDT exam.

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With us, you will learn how to use HDS cranes and gain the knowledge required to obtain the qualifications for an HDS operator.

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Forklifts are the most common devices in various types of goods storage. In our center, we place great emphasis on providing practical knowledge of forklift operation so that, after obtaining the authorization, we are ready to work as an operator.

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Altitude training

In our center, we conduct training for employees at height who have daily contact with all kinds of scaffolding, ladders, platforms, roofs and other platforms. Construction access classes provide knowledge and skills that are mainly useful for employees on the construction site. In addition, we have a scaffolding assembly course that prepares employees for the installation and disassembly of scaffolding made of steel and aluminum pipes.

Our offer at altitude also includes an industrial mountaineering course for industrial workers who work at:

  • mounting advertisements,
  • Deforestation,
  • washing windows at heights,
  • maintenance of industrial line masts,
  • maintenance of antennas,
  • repair of building facades

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A welder

In our center you will learn about various welding methods MIG / MAG, TIG, MMA, SAW, we also prepare for soldering, which may also be useful during the welder's work.

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Flange connections

assembly of flange connections

We invite you to the assembly course of flanged connections in pressure systems. Such a combination creates a special one danger, therefore require properly trained employees who knowledge, how to make a call while being safe and how to adjust the appropriate gaskets. The course is conducted in accordance with the norm PN-EN 1591-4. 

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We also run welding courses:

  • butt heating element (HS)
  • a muffle (polyfusion) heating element (HMS)
  • electrofusion (HM)
  • butt, muff and electrofusion (BUG Gazobudowa qualifications)
  • (HS + HM + HMS)
  • fusion and electrofusion (powers of the Office of Technical Inspection)
  • (HS + HM)
  • for people supervising the welding of thermoplastics
  • (HS + HM + HMS)

G1, G2, G3 courses

We invite you to enroll in the courses for 1 kV qualifications in the categories G1, G2, G3! In our KURSO Center, we specialize in conducting G1, G2, G3 trainings in the city of Warsaw and other locations in the country. We train professionally and comprehensively - we have many years of experience in the educational industry, which means that we also have a wide range of satisfied customers. We effectively prepare for exams before SEP, PSE, SIMP and SITPS committees. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of our offer and we encourage you to sign up for the course now.

Completing the courses allows you to work with devices such as:  


  • electrolysis equipment,
  • electrochemical devices,
  • electrothermal devices,
  • Street lights,
  • traction networks,
  • generating sets.


  • steam and water boilers for all types of fuel,
  • industrial furnaces,
  • compressors with a power above 20 kW,
  • hot water and steam receiving devices,
  • air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation devices,
  • heat networks and installations,
  • water and steam turbines,
  • fans, pumps, blowers and suction cups.


  • gas networks,
  • equipment for the production and storage of gaseous fuels,
  • gas generators,
  • gaseous fuel consumers
  • gas equipment and installations,
  • gas turbines,
  • other gas appliances.

Sale of devices

We also sell HDS cranes, telescopic loaders, forklifts, scissor and basket platforms. We have a wide range of goods that will meet your requirements. You will find the highest quality equipment of the most popular brands in Poland, including:

  • Manitou,
  • Still,
  • Linde,
  • JLG,
  • Haulotte,
  • Toyota,
  • Jungheinrich,
  • Genie.


We also service and maintain forklifts, telescopic loaders, mobile platforms, cranes and HDS cranes. We know the importance of repair time, which is why we have a team of qualified mechanics who will quickly and accurately get rid of any defects and failures. We also provide constant access to spare parts for forklifts, cranes, mobile platforms of the following companies:

  • Still,
  • Toyota,
  • Jungheinrich,
  • Manitou,
  • Genie,
  • Haulotte,
  • Linde,
  • JLG.

Where do we operate?

We organize trainings in particular at our headquarters in the city of Warsaw, but we are also available in other cities in Poland. We conduct classes in open modes - available to anyone interested, and closed - for organized groups.

On our website you can find the current dates of the classes and the price list. In case of additional questions, we are always at the disposal of our clients. We cordially invite you!

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