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Attachments used in telescopic loaders

Thanks to the variety of accessories for telescopic loaders, these devices have a really wide range of applications. They are used, among others, in industry, construction, agriculture, also in transport works.

Types of attachments available for telescopic loaders:

  • Digging bucket - designed for earthworks
  • Crane slings - are used to lift loads and change their place
  • Block Fork - Used with brick blocks and other blocks
  • Pallet forks - allow easy movement of pallets
  • wood forks - used to transport wooden materials
  • trolley with forks - due to its design, it allows loading and unloading work, securing the load in place, trolleys are also offered with adjustment and lateral shift
  • carrier - rotary or standard, designed to manipulate objects
  • Material bucket - used for loading and unloading, leveling, also for cleaning the workplace
  • bucket with a grapple - mainly used for large-size materials, it can also be used to clean the workplace
  • lifting hook - enables lowering and lifting loads and carrying them
  • work platform - mounted on the loader, it serves as a workplace and a space for transporting loads
  • booms - they are used in the construction of structures and object manipulation
  • sweepers - are designed to clean up space
  • drilling rigs - allow drilling works to be carried out

Thanks to such a wide range of different types of accessories telescopic loaders are machines with versatile use. However, to operate them, it is necessary to have appropriate authorizations, so that you can not only work with their use effectively, but also do it in accordance with the principles of health and safety.

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