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Qualifications to operate telescopic loaders

Telescopic loaders fall into a category forklifts and WJO and to operate them, you must have the appropriate permissions. The basis for obtaining qualifications in this area is participation in the training, which presents detailed information on work with the use of this type of forklift. During the training, the trainee receives extensive knowledge on the operation of the device and takes part in practical classes.

After graduation, the exam is taken in accordance with the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection. This exam consists of both theoretical and practical parts. After a good course, passing it is a formality. The qualifications for telescopic loaders granted after successfully passing the exam are indefinite and allow you to operate all types of devices, including with such interchangeable accessories as buckets, baskets, crane slings, sweepers, forks and other types.

The entitlements may also be issued in languages other than Polish, which means that they may also be the basis for seeking employment outside our country.

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