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Welding - basic information

Welding is one of the basic technologies used to permanently join elements together, in particular parts of devices and structures made of metals or plastics. Glass-to-metal welding is also used.

The welding process consists in heating the surfaces in contact with each other in such a way that they can obtain a plastic or pasty state, and then these surfaces are pressed against each other in order to connect them. Depending on the welding method, pressure may also occur first and then heat up. During the process, only the surface of the elements at the contact boundary is plasticized.

One of the most frequently used methods of welding is resistance electric welding, or resistance welding, but other types of welding are also used, including focal, frictional, induction, short-circuit, hot plate welding.

In order to be able to conduct welding professionally, it is necessary to properly prepare and have permissions. We invite you to welding courses at our Kurso center!


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