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Welding - basic information

Welding consists in local melting and solidification of materials. Welded joints are mainly related to joining metals, mainly steel, but also plastics.

During welding, an additional welding filler is used, which melts with the base material and fills the weld.

Currently, various welding methods are used - the most popular ones are gas welding and electric welding with the use of a welding machine. There are also welding methods such as: electro-gas, electron, laser, plasma, slag, arc-hydrogen, hybrid, thermite.

Welding is one of the basic activities in creating various types of metal structures and their repairs. It is also used in the repair of machines and devices.

To perform activities in this area, you need a welding license. They can be obtained after taking part in a special welding training, which provides information on this method of joining materials, and also includes practical classes. After completing the course, the student takes the exam. Passing it positively gives the right.

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