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Construction of mobile platforms

Mobile platforms as devices used in short-term transport, they are used in a number of works. The construction of such devices depends on their type.

There are several types of mobile platforms:

  • low-speed - equipped with their own drive, divided into telescopic, scissor and articulated
  • transportable - located on trailers
  • self-propelled - located on car chassis
  • forklift trucks - the most popular is telescopic loaders with a basket

The platforms consist of several basic elements that are common regardless of the type of device. These are:

  • work platform - a space protected by barriers, which is placed on the lifting mechanism, is the workstation of employees,
  • lifting mechanism, as well as the main boom, telescope, extendable axles - elements that are located between the working platform and the bottom panel of the device are regulated in a given section depending on the type of device
  • rotating towers - thanks to them you can change the direction of work
  • bottom panel - is the basis of the device, its design also depends on its type
  • stabilizing supports - their purpose is to level the entire device in case of work on uneven ground, as well as to protect it against tipping over

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