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Scaffolder qualification course

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Scaffolder qualification course

The training centre "KURSO" specialises in providing training and courses in scaffolding assembly and more. During the training, the trainee will learn about the most important issues for his work as a scaffolder. Our lecturers and specialists will prepare you to successfully pass the state exam in front of the examination board appointed by the Łukasiewicz IMBiGS examination network in Warsaw.

Training program

The scaffolding assembly course is divided into theoretical and practical parts. During the theoretical part, the trainee will learn about the most important issues when carrying out the work. In the practical classes, the trainees carry out construction work using various types of support structures.

Key issues during the study include:

  • Metal scaffolding at the building.carrying out inspections and repairs of scaffolding
  • controlling the quality of the work carried out
  • use of technical and process documentation
  • organisation of work with erection and dismantling of scaffolding
  • health and safety rules
  • division and function of scaffolding.

Training is carried out on modern scaffolding such as:

  • Caterpillar
  • Volvo
  • JCB
  • Komatsu
  • New Holland.

What does the examination look like?

After completing the training, the trainee can take the state examination before a board appointed by the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining. As with the training, the exam is also divided into two parts.

Successful completion of the examination confers the licence to practise as a construction scaffolder.

Scaffolding installer qualification course.

Where do we conduct training?

Our centre is located in Warsaw, but we provide training throughout Poland. We have a mobile offer so that we can come to the client at the chosen address.

Who is the training aimed at?

The training is aimed at all those who want to acquire new skills and those who want to expand their knowledge. Most construction work is carried out with the help of scaffolding, so every employee of construction and renovation companies should sign up for the training and acquire the necessary skills. The salary after training will certainly jump up and the employer will be happy with an employee who has training.

It is unlawful to work without the required authorisations.

Other professional courses:

  • forklift operator course
  • course on working at heights
  • G1, G2, G3 courses,
  • excavator operator course.


Will I learn how to carry out scaffolding repairs during my training?

Yes, at our centre during my training as a scaffolding installer I have classes on repair and maintenance.

Is it illegal to work as a scaffolding erector without training?

Yes, working as a scaffolder without training is illegal and dangerous.

Do you carry out training nationwide?

Yes in our offer we have mobile training with travel to the client.

What scaffolding is used for training?

To train future scaffolders, we use state-of-the-art equipment from companies such as Caterpillar, Volvo and JCB.

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