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The main mistakes made when operating mobile platforms

You need qualifications to operate the mobile platforms. They are purchased after successfully completing the exam and passing it training for mobile platforms, during which the participant receives appropriate preparation both in terms of knowledge and practical operation of the device, including health and safety rules.

Accidents at work that occur with the use of mobile platforms include, first of all:

  • falls from the working platform
  • impacts associated with improper handling of materials
  • impacts against buildings, other devices, structures
  • electric shock
  • capture

The operator of the device should make every effort to ensure that the device and other people using it are not exposed to the risk of accidents at work.

The most common causes of accidents related to the operation of mobile platforms:

  • working on unsuitable terrain - if it is slushy and uneven, the risk of accidents is much greater
  • lack of leveling or improper leveling of the device - if the work is to be carried out on unstable, uneven ground, it is necessary to stabilize the device using special supports
  • improper technical condition of the device - it must be checked each time before its use
  • overload - there should be people and loads on the platform within the limit of its maximum load capacity
  • non-compliance with the rules of the manual or use of the device contrary to its intended use - before starting work, the operator must read the manual and comply with its provisions
  • work in the vicinity of risk factors - mainly for power lines, trees, buildings and other structures, excavations
  • work in unfavorable weather conditions - frost, gusty wind, storm, driving rain
  • increasing the working height of the device - the use of additional ladders, scaffoldings that do not comply with health and safety regulations
  • non-compliance with health and safety rules - first of all, work without special personal protective equipment

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