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MIG / MAG welding

MIG / MAG welding (Metal Inert Gas / Metal Active Gas) is one of the most commonly used methods of welding materials. It uses consumable electrodes shielded by inert gases for the MIG 131 method or active for the MAG 135 method.

The inert shielding gases used in this method are primarily helium or argon, while the active ones are carbon dioxide or its mixture with argon.

The method is used for welding most materials - then you should select the appropriate electrode wires and shielding gas. The effect depends on the skill of the welder, therefore he must be properly prepared for this type of operation.

The main advantages of the method:

  • high quality of the resulting joints
  • high performance
  • possibility of welding in various positions
  • possibility to robotize the method
  • possibility of welding materials of different thicknesses

The main disadvantages of the method:

  • mainly used for welding unalloyed steels
  • requires proper preparation of edges of welded elements
  • when welding with carbon dioxide, there is a risk of large metal spatter
  • when welding in open spaces, use a windbreak

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