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We invite you to take advantage of our fire protection training and health and safety training offer. We organize initial and periodic training, according to the needs and business profile of our client.

Our KURSO Center he has been conducting fire protection trainings for many years. We operate in several cities in Poland, such as: Warsaw, Bielsko, Katowice and Krakow, and we train our clients throughout Poland, according to agreed conditions.

We make every effort to ensure that our fire-fighting training is distinguished by the highest quality - we employ experienced instructors, we have modern facilities, we put emphasis on a rich and activating curriculum. Thanks to us, each fire protection training is not only the fulfillment of legal requirements, but also very helpful knowledge every day in the workplace and outside it.


Each Employer is responsible for the safety of their employees and the protection of their life and health. Pursuant to Art. 209 par. 1 point 2 of the Labor Code, the employer is obliged to provide his employees with the necessary means to fight fires and evacuation, and should designate employees who will perform tasks in this regard.

Thanks to our courses, your employees will gain the necessary knowledge and will always be properly prepared to respond in emergency situations. It is important that the employee delegated to these tasks knows the instructions for use of fire-fighting equipment, the rules of evacuation and assistance in the event of burns. Knowing the rules of fire safety can help you avoid many risks.

It is worth knowing that according to Art. 9 of the Fire Protection Act: "Anyone who notices a fire, natural disaster or other local threat is obliged to immediately notify the persons in the danger zone and the emergency notification center or the fire protection unit, or the Police or the head of the village or village administrator".


Pursuant to the Act of August 24, 1991 on fire protection, the employer should ensure safety and the possibility of evacuation from the place of fire hazard to all persons staying on the premises of the workplace.

In addition, he should appoint employees responsible for evacuation and firefighting activities in the event of an emergency.

It is assumed that if the company occupies several floors, 2 people who have undergone fire protection training and are responsible for fire protection should be designated for each floor.

These workers should be properly trained in the field of FIRE and health and safety at work. Data of persons with fire protection licenses should be made available, i.e. their names and telephone number should be placed in a visible place.

Pursuant to the Labor Code, the employer is obliged to determine the level of fire risk in relation to all workplaces in a given company and to formulate rules of conduct to avoid the risk and in the event of a possible hazard. Employees should take part in the fire protection training as part of the health and safety training and be fluent fire regulations.


The employer should take care of the fire safety of the workplace and employees, regardless of whether he is the tenant of the building or its owner. In the case of renting the premises, the safety conditions of fire protection should be included in the rental agreement. It is very important that the workplace is equipped with smoke detection devices, i.e. smoke detectors and elevated temperature sensors. The SSP is a fire alarm system that activates an alarm in the event of a fire and also notifies the Fire Department. Many companies also use the so-called sprinkler systems that help to suppress the fire at earlier stages and smoke extraction systems that will make it easier to evacuate. The installation of these devices should be included in the planning stage of the construction of the facility.

Fire extinguishers are essential equipment in any workplace and should be compatible with all types of substances that can ignite. The most common are type A, B and C fire extinguishers - suitable for liquids, flammable gases and plastics. Fire extinguishers should be inspected regularly, at least once a year.


We organize periodic and introductory fire training courses to familiarize students with the provisions and instructions in force in the field of fire safety. Every OSH training and fire protection it consists of theoretical and practical parts and provides participants with the necessary knowledge and skills.


  • information on fire hazards at the workplace
  • fire-fighting instruction of the workplace
  • information on the location of fire equipment
  • principles of evacuation and fire marking
  • conducting evacuation and emergency procedures
  • principles of operation of handheld firefighting equipment
  • providing first aid to the injured

The program of classes is developed individually in accordance with the specific recommendations received from our contractor-client. Adjusting the course program to the specifics of the client's business allows for the best possible educational results. Additionally, the courses are supplemented with practical exercises and demonstrations. After the end of the course, participants receive a certificate of completion of the course.


All fire protection courses offered by our Center are based on our many years of experience and cooperation with companies from various industries. Our competences and experience gained during all the years of operation of our Center allow us to offer you high-quality courses and training with full conviction.

We would like to emphasize that the training classes as part of the fire protection courses are conducted taking into account the current legal regulations and activating educational methods, and under the supervision of competent and experienced instructors. We have modern training rooms, we have equipment that allows us to conduct interesting and substantively rich classes.

During our courses, participants gain the skills needed in fire hazard situations.


We invite you to our Branches, which regularly organize fire protection training. Classes are conducted according to the schedule on our website. Organized groups are invited to a closed fire-fighting training. Training for groups can be organized both in our branches and in any place - we commute to workplaces, training rooms and other points throughout Poland.


The price of the COURSE depends on the NUMBER OF PEOPLE and the NUMBER OF CLASSES. For larger groups, we provide attractive discounts and negotiate prices. In order to receive a quote, please contact us via the form on the website. All information about the courses we offer are available on our website.

We invite you to fire protection training at the KURSO Center

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