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Operation of overhead cranes

Devices called gantries are widely used. They are used, among others, in production and assembly halls, as well as other industrial facilities, also in landfills, in shipyards, in warehouses. Due to their design, they allow for quick manipulation of various types of loads in the space defined by their working area.

Cranes can be operated only by persons with appropriate permissions, therefore it is necessary to undergo a specialist course in the use of these devices and pass the exam held before the commission of the Office of Technical Inspection. Moreover, overhead cranes, as devices subject to technical inspection, must be properly assembled and operated in order to obtain optimal safety parameters. The key factor in this case is the appropriate working environment of the crane, which must be installed in a suitable place, where it will not pose a threat to the operator or third parties. Before the crane is put into operation, post-assembly tests and electrical measurements are also performed.

During operation, the gantry must be operated in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and the principles of occupational health and safety. It also needs regular maintenance.

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