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In order to become an excavator operator, it is necessary to obtain the relevant UDT licence for the job. The training centre "KURSO" provides courses in construction equipment and more. We have been training operators, maintainers and service technicians throughout Poland for more than a dozen years. Thousands of satisfied customers are proof that our services are of the highest standard.


What does the training look like?

The excavator operator course was developed by the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining. Training takes place either at our training centre or at the customer's chosen address. Classes at our centre are conducted on new machines and tools, and the theoretical part includes the current training programme.

Our specialists will prepare students for safe and practical work with the equipment. The classes consist of a theoretical and practical part and end with a state exam.

Theoretical part

Trainees in the training course will learn about health and safety regulations in the workplace, maintenance of technical records and the principles of safe operation of the equipment.

Practical part

The future excavator operators will test their theoretical knowledge in practical tasks. Under field conditions, participants will become familiar with driving and operating the machine.


After passing the internal examination, the trainee will be able to take the state examination before the IMBiGS commission without the slightest problem. A positive result of the exam entitles us to practice our profession and we receive an entry in the machine operator's book.

A number of conditions must be met in order to join the training course:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • no medical contraindications
  • have at least a primary school education
  • a category B driving licence if you want to drive the excavator on public roads (a driving licence is not required to drive the machine on site).

Excavator work on site.

Who issues the excavator licence?

Successful completion of the examination makes it possible to obtain a licence for the position of excavator operator. The awarding body is the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining. The organisation is also responsible for the development of the training curriculum, which is used in almost all courses for machines under the IMBiGS.

Versatile backhoe loader

The backhoe loader is able to cope with a wide range of tasks on a construction site, thanks to the possibility of changing working systems. Its main tasks are loading and transporting, while the possibility of using additional attachments will help us to move trees, milling or even snow clearing. It is an extremely versatile machine and the additional attachments give it new functions. After completing the course, the participant gets an entry in the working machinery operator's booklet and confirms the entitlement to work as an excavator operator for all types of excavator. This means that by gaining the excavator licence, we can also operate all equipment such as even a backhoe loader.

How much does an excavator operator earn?

Remuneration for the position of excavator operator depends, among other things, on experience and place of work. For 2022 in Poland, the average salary is around PLN 5,000 gross, but experienced operators can count on a salary exceeding even PLN 6,500 gross. Class I excavator operators can definitely count on higher salaries, this is due to the lack of operating weight restrictions.

Major excavator manufacturers include:

  • Caterpillar
  • Komatsu
  • Hitachi
  • JCB
  • Volvo

Classes of entitlement

Excavators are divided into several groups according to their use. There are currently two classes of authorisations, these are Class III and Class I certificates.

backhoe loader

  • Class III - operation without any restrictions

single-head excavator

  • Class III - operation of equipment up to 25 t gross weight
  • Class I - operation of all types of machines without weight restrictions

bulldozer excavator

  • Class III - unrestricted operation

Multi-bladed excavator

  • Class I - unrestricted operation

bucket wheel excavators

  • Class III - unrestricted operation


  • Class III - operation of equipment with engine power up to 110 kW
  • Class I - unrestricted operation

single loaders

  • Class III - operation of machinery up to 20 tonnes gross weight

Excavator work on site.

Our training centre, also runs other courses these include:

  • forklift operator course
  • course for backhoe loader operator
  • training for control and measurement work
  • G1, G2 and G3 training.

Questions and answers

Is training also provided at the customer's premises?

Yes, our training offer includes the possibility to hold the training at the address of your choice.

How much does an excavator operator earn on average?

For 2022, the average salary for an excavator operator is £5,000 gross.

Do I need a driving licence to take part in the training?

A category B driving licence is necessary if you want to drive the excavator on public roads; if you only want to drive the machine on a construction site, the document is not required.

By getting a backhoe loader licence can I use all the equipment?

The backhoe loader licence gives us the opportunity to use other equipment of this type, even such as a backhoe pusher.

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