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Course for aerial work platforms - preparation for the UDT exam

Aerial work platforms are mobile platforms used in construction, renovation and maintenance of green areas

Aerial work platforms are classified as material handling devices that are subject to technical supervision by the Office of Technical Inspection. For people who would like to work as an operator of these devices, this means, among other things, the need to have appropriate qualifications, confirmed by a state examination. Our Center organizes a basket lift course that effectively prepares you for this exam in terms of theory and practice. As part of the classes, we organize an exam for participants before the UDT commission.

Rising course - information for participants

This is the most important practical information about the training. For those who would like to find out more, please visit our frequently asked questions page:

  • What you can learn on the course: the Center's instructors teach as far as possible - good professional didactic practices from the basics of everything that is required in the state examination. Participants learn what are the characteristics of basket platforms and how they differ from other types of platforms, what are the components (platform, boom, control system) and what they consist of, how to use the operating manual, what safety rules apply to operation. The training organized by the Center also includes practical classes, taking place on its own maneuvering yard. The program of classes is agreed with the Office of Technical Inspection, which translates into a higher pass rate of the exam among students.
  • Who can participate: trainings welcome people of all skill levels, including beginners. We run class groups where the full range of material is covered or only selected issues that participants want to supplement or refresh. The basic requirements are the age of over 18, minimum basic education and no health contraindications.
  • Duration, location: beginner classes last approximately 10 to 32 training hours, for those who already have some experience, the duration may be shorter. Cities where courses for aerial work platforms are organized: Warsaw, Krakow and other large cities. On request - also in other locations, in the case of a closed training for the company.
  • Exam and entitlements for increases: after completing the practical and theoretical classes and after passing the internal test, participants take the exam, which is conducted by the Office of Technical Inspection in agreement with the Center. After completing the theory and practice, UDT grants qualifications valid for 5 years, necessary to take up employment as a lift operator.

Work as a lift operator - possibilities

Aerial platforms are a type of platforms that can be found in the database of many companies and units responsible for city maintenance. The holders of the license to service increases are sought after, among others, by construction, renovation, cleaning companies (washing windows, facades), greenery care, energy companies, companies dealing with the maintenance of installations (ventilation, air conditioning). Specially adapted aerial platforms are also used in the fire brigade.

Basket platforms, the so-called rises, make it easier for workers to perform work at height

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