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Hanging mobile platforms - course with UDT exam

With the help of a suspended mobile platform, workers, their tools and construction materials can be easily transported

Hanging mobile platform will be perfect for places where scaffolding cannot be placed next to the facade. Often, scaffolding is abandoned in favor of these devices due to the lower costs and greater convenience of such a solution. Hanging platforms are used not only for typical works on the facade (installation of equipment, painting, cleaning, thermal modernization), but also on ships, drilling platforms or structures such as bridges, viaducts, chimneys.

Hanging mobile platforms are devices subject to technical supervision, classified as category II P (along with stationary mobile platforms). For their operators, this means that they must have UDT qualifications - qualification certificates in the form of a plastic card.

The course organized in our Center helps to effectively prepare for the exam that checks the qualifications of candidates for mobile work platforms. The course is a combination of theoretical learning and the acquisition of practical skills. The whole thing ends with an approach to the state examination.

UDT training for operators of suspended platforms

During the course, students can learn how to use the platforms from the theoretical and practical side. Instructors focus on those issues that are required in the exam, but also try to prepare candidates for operators in the best possible way to work in construction or renovation companies. As a result, they can easily find employment within a short time after completing the course. Hanging mobile platforms are discussed in terms of the possibility of their use for various types of work, construction and operation principle, safe selection of the place of work, testing and testing. Students will also learn the health and safety rules and technical supervision regulations. They also have the opportunity to take part in practical classes.

UDT exam, qualifications to practice

After passing the theoretical and practical parts, participants can take the exam, which is taken before the UDT commission. The training dates are adjusted to the dates of the exams, so that the students do not have to wait long for their qualifications to be checked. The exam takes place in the same city as the course (UDT Warsaw or a selected branch), it consists of two parts: theoretical - knowledge test and practical - checking skills at the device. The qualifications for hanging mobile platforms in category II P are granted for 10 years. They are valid in Poland, while abroad they may or may not be honored.

Practical information:

Hanging mobile platform is used to facilitate access when performing works on building facades

  • Who can take part in the suspended platform operator course: we organize classes for beginners and those who already have some experience. We require students to be 18 years of age, at least basic education and a certificate from an occupational medicine doctor that there are no health contraindications.
  • Duration of classes: it depends on the group, its needs and the experience of the participants. Full-scale classes last about 10 to 32 hours, for groups with more experience they may be shortened to as much as 10 hours
  • Location: classes are held at the headquarters or branches in Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice. We also offer online classes (only theoretical part, which must then be supplemented with a practical part)
  • Szkolenie na podesty ruchome – cena: koszt udziału podajemy przy rejestracji, ponieważ jest on zależny od kilku czynników: terminu, czasu, jaki pozostał do rozpoczęcia zajęć i innych
  • Registration: registration can be made through our website If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone or e-mail.

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