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Training in the use of scissor lifts

Scissor lifts (lifts) - a type of slow-moving, mobile, mobile platforms

The scissor lift course, led by the instructors of our Center, was created for people who plan to take the UDT or TDT exam for qualifications in the near future. The program contains the full range of theoretical knowledge necessary to pass the exam, and in addition, participants can train in the practical handling of increases, using the equipment provided by the Center.

Scissor lifts - the most important information

In the official UDT classification, scissor lifts, called platforms, are classified as slow-moving mobile platforms. This category includes devices equipped with a work platform with a control panel, boom and undercarriage for moving people to work stations.

  • Boom: Moves the platform vertically, its elements fold in a manner similar to a scissor. It has a range of several to even 100 meters
  • Platform capacity: from a few hundred kilograms to 300 or even 500 kg, usually the platform / basket can accommodate up to 3 people
  • Drive: internal combustion or electric, there are also hybrid lifts
  • Application: outside and inside buildings, for moving employees on construction sites, for facade repairs - thermal modernization, painting, in road construction - installation of lighting, information boards, for placing large-format advertisements on buildings or advertising boards
  • Lifts are subject to technical supervision
  • Service of increases requires permission - they are issued by the Office of Technical Inspection, they are issued for 10 years

Scissor lifts - UDT trainings preparing for exams

Scissor lifts - mobile platforms consisting of a working platform, boom and wheeled chassis

Scissor lift courses are organized in 2 forms:

  • Open trainings - anyone can join them. Classes are organized in Warsaw and other large cities. Participants can choose from a large number of dates, which are set so that the waiting time for the UDT exam is as short as possible
  • Closed training - organized for companies that want to train their employees. The curriculum and the scope of the material are agreed with the client - thanks to this, it can be adapted to the needs of employees. The training can be attended by both employees without experience and those who work with increases and need to complete their knowledge and confirm their qualifications.

The theoretical part of the training for lift operators can be organized remotely, as webinars conducted by our specialists. Both the participants of stationary and online courses receive access to the course platform where they can repeat the material and take mock tests before the UDT exam.

In the case of price increase rates, the price, available dates and the scope of the required material are determined individually. For details, please contact us directly.

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