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Course on mobile platforms "spiders" with UDT exam

Mobile platforms "spiders": small devices with a high working height, used in construction and renovation works

The course has been designed for people who want to work as an operator of mobile mobile platforms, known as spiders. We adapt the scope of knowledge transferred during the training to the needs of participants - we conduct classes for both beginners and people who already have certain knowledge and skills. The training ends with an exam, the completion of which leads to the receipt of UDT qualifications.

What is a mobile access platform

According to the categorization of the Office of Technical Inspection, popular "spiders" are classified as mobile, mobile, mobile platforms. Devices of this type are designed to move employees to workstations by means of the work platform on which the work is performed. According to the definition of UDT, a mobile mobile platform should consist of a working platform with controls, a scissor or articulated boom and a chassis.

A movable mobile platform, like all the others mobile platforms, is subject to technical supervision. In order to be able to perform work on it, you must have a license granted by the Office of Technical Inspection.

Characteristic features of "spider" platforms:

  • Equipped with rubber wheels or tracks for quick transport to the workplace
  • The undercarriage has arms (in the shape of spider legs) ensuring stabilization during work
  • Transportable platforms are transported over longer distances with properly prepared car trailers
  • Low weight, dimensions and drive-through width allow you to perform work with "spiders" in terrain with low bearing capacity, high slope, in densely built-up areas, as well as indoors
  • Widely used in construction for assembly works outside and inside buildings (installations, roofing, gutters, etc.), repairs, inspections, cleaning works - cutting branches, snow removal, repairs of lighting, telephone and power lines, installation of lamps, advertising

Details of the course for the operator of mobile mobile platforms

Mobile platforms, called spiders - devices under technical supervision

We organize open courses, available to all interested parties, and courses in closed groups for company employees. When registering for the training, we conduct an interview and diagnosis of needs with the client, thanks to which we can determine how many hours of classes and what scope of knowledge he needs to prepare well for the exam. The duration of the training varies for individual groups, it can be from about 8 to 35 hours.

Classes are conducted in two parts, as a lecture with an instructor (classes in the room or online - webinars) and as practical exercises using the devices in our database.

To learn more about the organization of mobile platform courses, prices, dates, etc., we encourage you to read the information on the website frequently asked questions.

UDT exam and qualifications

After the training part is over, participants take part in the state examination conducted by the Office of Technical Inspection. On our part, we provide assistance in organizational matters: we register for the exam, send reminders to participants, and plan the training accordingly. UDT conducts exams on specific dates and we adjust the dates of classes to them - thanks to this, our students do not have to wait for many weeks for the exam. With proper planning, the waiting time can be up to several working days.

Course participants can additionally prepare for exams by taking mock tests available on our educational platform. Among the materials posted there, they can also find lesson scripts and instructional videos.

After obtaining the appropriate number of points in the knowledge test with closed questions and in the practical part of the exam, the candidate for the operator is issued an authorization. They are valid for 5 years and entitle to work with mobile platforms (spiders) in Poland and in selected countries.

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