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Stationary mobile platforms - service course with UDT exam

We offer you participation in the training, the purpose of which is to prepare participants to work in the profession of a stationary platform operator. These devices are widely used in the construction industry, renovation, as well as in warehouses and factory halls. However, to operate them, you need a lot of knowledge about how they work and safety rules, as well as practical skills. These qualifications can be obtained by taking part in theoretical and practical classes prepared by experienced instructors from our Center. As part of the course for the operator of stationary mobile platforms, an examination for UDT qualifications takes place.

Stationary mobile platforms - exam preparation course

During the course, participants will learn about such issues as the principles of safe operation of devices, construction and use of a stationary mobile platform, operator's duties at work, the use of protective measures and equipment, technical supervision regulations. In addition to lectures, the course also includes practical exercises that take place on the maneuvering yard with the use of equipment from our base.

The duration of the training varies - it depends on the level of experience and the needs of a given group. If the training is attended by people with experience in operating, the duration of the classes can be reduced to even 10 hours. This means that even 1 training day is enough to update the information required on the exam. For beginners, the classes cover the full range of material and last 10 to 32 hours.

We focus on effective, practical vocational training. Our instructors have experience in transferring knowledge in a way that activates participants. We approach the practical learning of operating skills individually and devote as much time to students as they need. Thanks to this, we can boast of a high pass rate of UDT exams at our stationary mobile platform service courses.

Stationary mobile platforms: course and exam

Completing the training is not tantamount to receiving UDT qualifications. Training is only a preparation for checking qualifications. To be eligible for mobile platforms, you must pass the theoretical and practical exam, which is carried out by UDT inspectors (from Warsaw or another city where the course takes place). Then you receive a qualification certificate in the form of a plastic card, which is a document required when hiring as an operator. The certificate is valid for 10 years, it is valid for devices from category II P: suspended and stationary platforms.

"Stationary mobile platforms" course - information for participants

  • Requirements: to participate, it is necessary to have at least basic education, be at least 18 years of age and in good health, confirmed by a medical certificate. We do not require experience or practice in working with this type of equipment from students.
  • Training for companies: at the request of business customers, we can organize training courses for employees of the company to obtain qualifications. We are flexible in terms of the dates and place of classes. For details, please contact us by phone or e-mail.
  • Other information about mobile platform courses: price, current dates and place of classes can be obtained, by contacting us directly: by mail or telephone. We also accept registration for classes in this way.

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