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Markings and colors of pressure cylinders.

Portable pressure tanks

A large proportion of industrial gases are sold in high-pressure cylinders of various capacities and sizes, as they are used in many different ways in almost every industry. They usually contain gas in a compressed, liquid or dissolved state. European law regulates the use of pressure vessels through periodic inspections and transport in accordance withRead more "

Accuracy of task performance and appropriate fitter's tools

Welding of optical fibers

It has long been possible to observe the great importance of the Internet and its unlimited possibilities in our times, which is why we strive to make it as fast and trouble-free as possible. There are many possibilities of connections on the market, including cable, satellite, radio, telephone and fiber-optic connections. The best possible alternative is the optical fiber because it makes it possibleRead more "

Characteristics of a forklift and its types

Forklifts and their operation

For most people, lifting carts or forklifts mean the same thing, but nothing could be further from the truth. Traditionally lift trucks, also called forklifts, do not really classify into them. As the name suggests, the act of "lifting" just above the floor helps to lift the pallet off the ground. In turn, forklift trucksRead more "

HDS cranes

Most construction workers are familiar with the concept of an HDS crane or an HDS crane. However, people who are not in contact with construction very often do not realize how HDS cars work and in what case they are used. Very often on roads near construction sitesRead more "

Requirements to be met by a person interested in working as a scaffold fitter

Walking around the center of a large city, you can see scaffolding every few hundred meters. They are used not only for the renovation of monuments, but also for small and large construction sites, incl. construction of single-family and multi-family houses, warehouses, halls and office buildings, but also in building concert stages in the event and entertainment industry. They even use themRead more "

Smoker course

The main tasks are the operation of boilers that supply heat, steam and hot water, among others for residential buildings, offices, clinics, hospitals and schools. Operation of large and complex boilers over 50 KW requires training. The job requires specialized knowledge and skills. Thanks to the CO smoker course, you can obtain the thermal qualifications that are necessary forRead more "

Construction cranes

What is a construction crane? It is nothing more than just an elevator, but I think everyone hearing this word has an ordinary elevator in front of their eyes to transport people to different floors in the building. Nothing could be more wrong, because the elevator is not only used to transport people. General definition of a construction craneRead more "

Tower crane on the construction site

What is a tower crane? 

Tower cranes are a fairly common sight in larger cities, around larger and medium-sized construction sites. Colloquially they are called construction cranes or simply construction cranes. They are a lifting device, classified as one of the largest working machines. The components of this type of lifting device include a vertical mast (called a tower) mounted on theRead more "

Basic information on first aid

What is First Aid? Emergency situations can surprise us at any time. Therefore, it is worth having a basic knowledge of first aid. First aid is the immediate care of an injured person or one who suddenly needs help. It should be applied as soon as possible after an accident or injury. Help thatRead more "

Types of mobile platforms

What are mobile platforms?

Mobile platforms are devices from the group of cranes. They consist of a platform resembling a gondola or a basket (hence it is also commonly called), suspended on a crane or a lifting boom. They are designed to work at heights, thanks to a platform that allows people or materials to be lifted vertically and horizontally. Mobile platforms often areRead more "

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