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Requirements to be met by a person interested in working as a scaffold fitter

Walking around the center of a large city, you can see scaffolding every few hundred meters. They are used not only for the renovation of monuments, but also for small and large construction sites, incl. construction of single-family and multi-family houses, warehouses, halls and office buildings, but also in building concert stages in the event and entertainment industry. Even cleaning crews use them (when cleaning or maintaining windows in high-rise buildings). Scaffolding is also used in works performed by renovation, installation and repair companies - during photovoltaic installations, roof or facade repairs and activities related to thermal insulation of buildings. Each of them is assembled by a specially trained person. Many companies use scaffolding. Due to their popularity and wide use, many industries require specialists in their installation. So it's worth becoming a scaffolding fitter. The constantly growing demand and the ease of finding a job make it worth considering this career path and participation in a specialist course in the area of scaffolding assembly. Currently, the Polish labor market lacks a sufficient number of professionals in the industry. Many of them went abroad in search of better wages. Therefore, it is an interesting option for people who want to find a job in other European Union countries, as well as in our country, where the labor market lacks a sufficient number of specialists in this field. When considering training and choosing a new career path, it is worth paying attention to the amount of salary, which may depend, among others, on on the experience and qualifications of the employee, but also on the location and size of the company. The average salary for a scaffold fitter is approximately PLN 3,500 gross. On the other hand, abroad, you can find much higher earnings and better employment conditions, e.g. in the Scandinavian countries. 

If you are planning to attend a scaffolder training it would be useful to have a vocational training in construction, but this is not required. A course can turn a complete amateur into a good specialist. Participation in it can improve your situation on the labor market, as well as teach you useful skills and give you the necessary qualifications. Sometimes it happens that the Employment Office subsidizes training of this type. So let's keep that in mind. It should be remembered that this is a position that involves working at heights, which can be quite a challenge for people who do not feel very confident in it. The basic requirements that must be met in order to take part in the course are: 18 years of age, at least basic education and obtaining a valid medical certificate, which confirms that there are no objections to work at heights. There is no need to meet other additional conditions or go through complicated procedures. 


In our center, we offer a scaffolding fitter course and can be completed at a very attractive price, taking into account the prices of the competition. The course consists of a practical and theoretical part. It takes place in our specialized training institutions. The task of our qualified instructors is to prepare the student for the exam, which takes place before the appointed Examination Board. During the theoretical part of the exam, students must demonstrate knowledge of health and safety rules, as well as the ability to prepare technical documentation and knowledge of the principles of constructing various types of scaffolding. On the other hand, the practical part includes checking the practical skills in the field of work appropriate for a scaffolding fitter, including the correct operation of the equipment. During the exam, the scaffolding assembly and disassembly should be presented and the stability and safety of the assembled structure should be assessed. The installer's license is issued by the Institute of Mechanization of Building and Rock Mining. After passing the exam, each student receives the Machine Operator's Book - the Scaffolding Fitter's Book. The qualifications are obligatory for any person who wants to work on the assembly and disassembly of metal assembly and construction scaffolds. 

The very name of the profession speaks about what a scaffolding fitter can do. However, in practice, the range of duties is much wider than it seems. It includes the assembly and disassembly of the structure, as well as the prior planning of its location and ensuring that the use of the assembled scaffolding is safe. Incorrectly connected scaffolding can be extremely dangerous for the worker on it, therefore any mistake can end tragically. This profession definitely belongs to the group of highly responsible professions. 


The scaffolding installation should only be performed in full compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations to ensure the required level of safety. Before the assembly of the structure, all its elements should be checked for completeness and defects, e.g. atypical shape. It should be remembered that the scaffolding acceptance must be carried out by the site manager or an authorized person. The entire process must be confirmed with an entry in the construction log or acceptance protocol. The manufacturer of a given system foresees the sequence of assembly that the employees must follow. Leveling the structure and proper anchoring is the factor that ensures safe and efficient deployment. It is important not to forget about the security elements included in a specific set, such as railings or nets. 


The scaffolding installer is undoubtedly an interesting career path. Is it worth following? This question should be answered after considering the most important issues raised in the text above. The work of a scaffolding fitter is not a job that requires long training, many qualifications and years of experience. It is enough to obtain the appropriate qualifications and perform your tasks in accordance with the regulations and rules safety. 

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