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About training at KURSO

Welcome to our training centre KURSO. We offer a wide range of training courses, e.g. as a central heating cooker burner. With us, you will gain new professional qualifications and expand your opportunities on the labour market. 

The smoking profession distinguishes between two basic jobs, namely:  

  • gas central heating boiler burner - The post holder is responsible for operating boilers fired by gaseous fuels such as biogas, natural gas, propane-butane;  
  • stoker of central heating water boilers - The post holder is responsible for the operation of solid fuel-fired boilers.  

Issues discussed during the training 

  • Control of the operation of flue gas cleaning and discharge equipment. 
  • Maintaining boilers and control, measuring, auxiliary and safety equipment in constant working order. 
  • Reading and checking the indications of control and measuring apparatus. 
  • Overseeing the process flow. 
  • Controlling and supervising the start-up and operation of central heating boilers and the operation of the various fuel supply systems. 
  • Monitoring of pressure, temperature and air draft meter and control equipment. 
  • Setting optimum boiler operating parameters. 
  • Checking the condition of the boiler and auxiliary equipment. 
  • Sealing of pipes and fittings and checking for leaks in internal installations. 
  • Replenishment of substances for bed regeneration in water softening plants. 
  • Operating central heating boilers. 
  • Controlling the operation of central heating boilers 
  • Documenting the operation of central heating boilers. 

Requirements for future smokers 

CO cookers

A candidate who would like to work as a stoker should be at least 18 years old and in very good health, confirmed by a medical certificate. As far as the operation of gas boilers with a power of more than 50 kW is concerned, it is necessary to have an energy and operation qualification, i.e. a qualification certificate for the operation of gas-fuelled water boilers.  


Completion of the course entails taking the final examination, which will be held before a selection board.  

What qualifications can be gained during the course?  

Once you have passed the exam, you are qualified to carry out work related to the operation, maintenance, repair and assembly of equipment, installations as well as thermal networks. 

Course: CO furnace stoker, including operation of water boilers. 
Form: Stationary/online. 
Place of conduct: Throughout Poland. 
Price: We set the price by telephone. 
Applications: Information about the course can be found on the KURSO website. 
Date: We set the date individually. 
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Heat certification course G2 

In addition to the CO boiler stoker course, we also encourage you to take our G2 training course, which is also designed for those applying for a stoker's licence. The G2 thermal entitlement course, is designed to increase the professional competence of the trainee. In the current labour market, there is a high demand for qualified energy professionals. Employers require not only experience, but also proven theoretical knowledge. Our course allows you to acquire the necessary information and prepare you at the highest level for the thermal licensing exam. The training course is designed for all employees who come into contact with the operation, supervision of equipment, installations and thermal networks that generate, process, transmit and consume heat and other energy-related equipment.  

Who is the course aimed at?

The course is dedicated to all those wishing to improve their competences and who want to gain knowledge in this field. The training is also intended for employees and entrepreneurs, as well as companies investing in increasing the competence of their employees. The G2 training course is recommended for those who perform tasks related to the proper operation and supervision of equipment, installations and energy networks. 

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