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Soft soldering kit

Soldering iron and soldering methods

Joining components with a soldering iron

Soldering is a very common method of joining various components without melting. A binder called solder or flux is used. The process of soldering only seems quite complicated on the surface. The temperature must be higher than the melting point of the solder. The solder and the components to be soldered must reach the temperature.  

Transformer soldering iron

Soldering methods: 

  • brazing (temperature higher than 450°C); 
  • soft soldering (temperature lower than 450°C); 
  • high-temperature brazing (temperatures higher than 900°C). 

Soldering alongside welding is the most popular joining method. Known for 5 thousand. years BC Metals are brazed, as well as non-metals. We solder materials such as graphite, ceramics and glass. A soldering iron is a very practical device that can be described as basic in a home workshop. The equipment is used for various home repairs. Properly performed soldering ensures durability, stability and aesthetics. Basic knowledge of metalworking is enough to start soldering. The binder is also called solder. The soldering process takes place at a temperature that does not lead to melting.  

Looking at the physicochemical side, brazing involves the following processes: 

  • diffusion, 
  • adhesion.  

Soldering iron 

The soldering iron is a safe and precise device. The most important thing is the optimal temperature. In the housework, soft soldering is used, which has many advantages. You can make them yourself with a simple soldering iron. It should be emphasized that the soldering iron is suitable for both amateur and professional use. Thanks to the soldering iron, you can repair plugs, broken wires, switches.  

Types of soldering irons: 

  • resistance, 
  • transformers. 

Soft soldering is used for the following works: 

Soldering of the electric cable
  • Pipeline repair, 
  • sealing of roof or gutters, 
  • electrical wiring connection, 
  • combination of electronic circuits. 

It should be emphasised that soldering is a proven method due to the high strength of the joint. Technical and material preparation is required for soldering.  

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