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Telescopic loader - basic information

Modern telescopic loaders are versatile devices that are used in a wide variety of activities. They are distinguished by very good range and lifting capacity parameters, they are inexpensive to use and, additionally, they can also be equipped with various types of additional equipment that extends their possibilities.

According to the UDT regulations, a telescopic loader is classified as WJO I, it is included in the "Specialized forklift trucks" as a truck with an operator lifted with the load or with a variable reach. You can also meet the definition of the device as a multi-purpose attachment carrier.

These devices are widely used in construction, agriculture, they are also used for warehouse, industrial, reloading and other works. Due to the fact that they are equipped with large wheels, they are also able to work on various types of surfaces.

Telescopic loaders can be used as:

  • excavators
  • cranes, for example with a hook tackle
  • bulldozers
  • forklift loaders
  • basket platforms for work at height

You need to have the appropriate qualifications to operate telescopic loaders. In order to receive them, you should take part in a training course that provides key information about this type of devices, as well as teaching how to use them. After completing the training, the participant takes the exam before the committee of the Office of Technical Inspection.

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