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Types of welds during welding

Welded joints are formed by local melting and solidification of elements with the addition of a binder. Depending on the method and the joint, different types of welds are distinguished. We present their list.

Types of welds:

  • butt welds - occur in butt joints and angular joints, they are formed between the wall of a given element, which forms its thickness, and the other element, they can also cover the entire thickness of a given element and then they are determined
  • full penetration welds, otherwise we are talking about partial or incomplete penetration welds
  • marginal welds - they occur in butt and butt joints, they are used primarily for welding sheets, then the edges of the sheet are prepared before bending them, and welding is performed without additional binder
  • fillet welds - they occur in rebate and angular joints, they are prepared in a groove constructed by non-bevelling of the wall of the connected elements
  • point welds - occur in lap joints, they arise when one sheet is melted and fused into the sheet underneath it
  • Hole welds - they occur in lap joints, during welding, an elongated or circular hole is filled with a binder in one of the sheets of the joint

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