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Welding methods

Various methods are used to connect metal and other elements by welding. Below we present the most popular and less used.

311-G gas welding - one of the most frequently used welding methods, which uses acetylene. The materials are joined at a temperature of 3,100 degrees Celsius. Gas welding is most often used when joining sheets up to 40 millimeters thick.

Electric welding - the second frequently used method, which involves the use of welding machines. Welders connect materials by the phenomenon of an electric arc. It takes place at a temperature of 4,000 degrees Celsius. The method is mainly used for joining sheets with a thickness of up to 80 millimeters.

Electric welding includes methods such as: welding with coated electrodes (Method 111), gas shielded welding: TIG 141 (Tungsten Inert Gas) method, MIG 131 (Metal Inert Gas) method, MAG 135 (Metal Active Gas) method, cored wire welding as well as submerged arc welding.

In addition to these two most popular methods, the following are also used:

  • hybrid welding
  • laser welding
  • electro-gas welding
  • electron welding
  • arc-hydrogen welding
  • plasma welding
  • termite welding
  • slag welding

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