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Preparatory work for welding

Pipe welding and work methodology

You can do renovation or repair work yourself. You just need the right technique and the right equipment. Unfortunately, it is still fashionable to use a person commonly known as the "golden hand". Meanwhile, making, for example, welding yourself is relatively simple. You can boast of resourcefulness and also save capital. A pipe welding machine should be among the basic tools of every DIY enthusiast.


Pipe welding machine

Preparatory work for weldingPipe welding machine, as the name suggests, is used for welding. The technology is not complicated enough. Two parts of a thermoplastic material are joined. Thermoplastics are mainly found in sanitary installations. Pipes in the house can be made of the following materials:

  • polypropylene
  • polyethylene
  • polybutylene

Unfortunately, old buildings are still characterized by metal pipes. But this is an exception compared to modern solutions. Permanent connection of pipes is a guarantee of a solid and well-functioning installation. In addition to the welding technique, the gluing technique can also be used. However, welding is a more reliable method, because glued pipes may leak. The leak may cause the pipe to rupture.


Self-welding of pipes is an activity that you can safely do yourself. It is enough to learn the principles of operation of the pipe welding machine. It is imperative to remember to read the manual and not throw it away. Information can come in handy at any time. You should also pay attention to the welding temperature. It must be appropriate. It is important to check that the equipment has no debris or blemishes. When the work is finished, the equipment should be allowed to cool down. A welding machine is not the only equipment that a DIY enthusiast needs. You will also need a calibrator, a cloth, a pipe cutter and spirit.

Before starting welding, do not forget to properly prepare for work. It is important to cut the pipes, and at the same time be slow and precise. The calibrator will be used for smoothing (deburring). It is also important to degrease and clean the pipe.

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