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Welding courses HS + HM + HMS

We organize welding courses in the HS + HM + HMS categories, granting BUG Gazobudowa and the Office of Technical Inspection licenses.

Welding courses

In the Kurso center, we conduct welding courses in the categories of butt welding with a heating element (HS), muff (polyfusion) with a heating element (HMS) and electrofusion (HM), as well as for people supervising the welding of thermoplastics.

Our modern facilities and qualified staff are the basis for high-quality services in our center - thanks to this, our welding courses are so effective and allow for even easier obtaining of authorizations granted by BUG Gazobudowa and the Office of Technical Inspection. Thanks to the cooperation with these institutions, our students are always comprehensively and professionally prepared for exams - as a result, our center also has such a high pass rate.

We offer welding courses:

  • butt heating element (HS)
  • a muffle (polyfusion) heating element (HMS)
  • electrofusion (HM)
  • butt, muff and electrofusion (BUG Gazobudowa qualifications) (HS + HM + HMS)
  • fusion and electrofusion (powers of the Office of Technical Inspection) (HS + HM)
  • for people supervising the welding of thermoplastics (HS + HM + HMS)

All classes are divided into two parts - theoretical, during which participants receive theoretical information related to specific welding methods, and the practical part, which concerns working with the welding machines used in the above-mentioned activities. We also place great emphasis on health and safety at work.

Conditions for participation in the training:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • at least primary education
  • health condition that allows you to work as an operator confirmed by an appropriate medical certificate

The courses are organized as open courses - they can be used by all interested persons who want to obtain the authorization to fuse in the above-mentioned categories, and we also run them as closed - in this case, we are able to prepare classes focused on the client's requirements at any time and place.

We cordially invite you to take advantage of our butt, muff and electrofusion welding courses in our resort Kurso!

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