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Welding of optical fibers

Specialized training in theoretical and practical skills in the profession of a fiber optic welder at KURSO, allows you to acquire the necessary competences and qualifications in the field of laying and connecting cables in one of the most modern telecommunications technologies. The teletechnical industry, based on the fiber optic network, is developing dynamically. Specialists following a course such as training organized at KURSO are in demand on the labor market. The shortage of qualified staff and the excellent economic situation on the fiber optic market make it possible to get a job for the future.

A student during practical and technical classes

What the listener can gain:

  • welding licenses; personal certificate of completed training, appropriate entry in the welder's book,
  • reliable knowledge and skills, with particular emphasis on the basics of fiber optic technology and a welding machine for connecting cables in this system,
  • new profession; the possibility of development in many industries that use fiber optic welding techniques, i.e. biomedical, ICT, construction,
  • new authorizations / extension of the validity period of the existing ones in the profession already performed,

Professional substantive background

Our staff consists of well-prepared specialists - lecturers, including engineers with many years of teaching experience. They clearly explain the issues raised, support students with practical instructions and answer any questions in the context of UDT UDT training. The prepared teaching materials will also be helpful in learning and improving skills in the field of fiber optic welding. We conduct all our courses as a non-public educational institution, entered in the register of non-public schools and institutions in Warsaw.

Adapted technical facilities

The training takes place in rooms dedicated to welding optical fibers. We provide safe work stations, fully equipped with the necessary equipment, tools and materials. Classes are held under the consent of superior units, based on the highest standards, on the basis of current legal regulations.

The scope of theoretical and practical issues on the course

  • Types of optical fibers and their parameters,
  • Fiber optic connectors and their types and application,
  • Preparation of fiber optic cables and accessories for welding,
  • Fiber optic splicer service,
  • Welding of optical fibers,
  • Control measurements,
  • Health and safety rules during work.

A student during practical and technical classes

Requirements for the course participant

Welding work involves exposure to such risks as, for example, high temperature of materials, the emission of fumes and the dangers arising from the use of equipment. Therefore, there are formal requirements for candidates who want to take part in the course: they should be of legal age, with at least basic education, and their health condition must be confirmed by an appropriate certificate by an occupational medicine specialist.

Extra amenities

As a rule, our trainings take place throughout the country, in the form of open trainings. However, at the special request of a corporate client, we will organize training in any place in Poland, as a closed training.

A wide range of UDT training courses at KURSO

We are a centre with many years of experience in organising UDT/ G1, G2, G3/ HDS/ first aid/ pre-medical first aid/ health and safety and fire training. We provide training aimed at both individual and institutional customers. Our branches are located in Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice and Bielsko-Biała. You can already check our offer and familiarise yourself with the current price list.

For interested

We invite everyone who is willing, both individuals who want to improve their qualifications, and institutional clients, whose aim is to shape the staff based on the established legal framework and the most up-to-date knowledge. If you have any questions or need additional information, our consultants are at your disposal.

fiber optic welding course

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