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What is a UDT?

UDT, or to expand on the acronym, is the Office of Technical Inspection. It deals extensively with the operation, operation, registration, maintenance and supervision of crane equipment. As a state institution, it supervises all equipment in our country that is subject to technical supervision to ensure the safe operation of all installations.

What does the UDT do?

The scope of activities dealt with by the Office of Technical Inspection is enshrined in the Act on Technical Inspection, in Article 37. With this point, we can easily determine what the Office of Technical Inspection deals with:

  1. Certification of quality systems for technical equipment
  2. Supervising and controlling compliance with technical supervision regulations and safety regulations for the operation of technical equipment
  3. Carrying out technical supervision of equipment subject to technical supervision to the extent provided for by the Act
  4. Providing opinions and issuing decisions on the performance of technical supervision
  5. Analyse the consequences of damage to equipment subject to technical supervision and continuously monitor the degree of risk posed by that equipment
  6. Recording of commissioned technical equipment subject to technical supervision
  7. Carry out activities to improve the professional skills of technical equipment manufacturers and their users in the safe operation and maintenance of equipment
  8. Conducting consultancy activities in the aspect of preparing training programmes for persons maintaining and operating technical equipment
  9. Verifying the qualifications of those who manufacture technical equipment and those who upgrade, repair, maintain and operate it

Why do these measures? They all ensure our safety when using equipment that is subject to technical inspection. This includes all equipment that poses a risk due to its operation, e.g. expanding gas under pressure or spreading hazardous materials during transport or storage.

These are just two examples of equipment covered by supervision, the entire list is contained in the Regulation of 7 December 2012 on the rvodziajiajiaj technical equipment subject to technical supervision. The list is very long, but do not be discouraged, because it is important to know which devices are checked and protected. Our safety is paramount.

How do I get my UDT licence?

what the entitlement looks like

Such a certificate is proof that we are familiar with the technical conditions for technical supervision, as well as the applicable legislation and standards. It also proves that we have mastered the practical skills to service or maintain these devices.

Before receiving such a certificate, we will have to pass a state examination that will test our theoretical and practical knowledge.

What does the UDT authorisation look like?

The UDT entitlement comes in the form of a plastic card that confirms our qualification and the licence obtained. If we pass the exam, the certificate will be sent directly to the address we have provided

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