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UDT training for crane operators

We invite you to UDT training for crane operators - we help in obtaining qualifications in categories II S and I S.

Course for gantries

Ośrodek szkoleniowy Kurso zaprasza na kurs na suwnice – posiadamy szerokie doświadczenie w branży i naszym klientom zapewniamy pełną i fachową pomoc w uzyskaniu uprawnień nadawanych przez Urząd Dozoru Technicznego.

We place emphasis on the high quality of education of our students - we have modern facilities that allow us to conduct theoretical and practical classes at a high level, we are also distinguished by qualified staff conducting our course on gantries, the price - competitive and very attractive, as well as high passing exams.

Purpose of the training

The main goal of training for gantries is to obtain a certificate for gantry cranes, which are awarded in two categories. Thanks to us, you can learn how to operate this type of equipment and get a job as an operator.

Categories of gantry licenses:

  • Suwnice, wciągniki i wciągarki ogólnego przeznaczenia
  • General and special-purpose cranes, hoists and winches

Training program

Our classes meet the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection, thanks to which they comprehensively prepare for the exam and obtaining the operator's UDT license.

Topics discussed during the classes:

  • construction of overhead cranes, their types and operation
  • technical equipment supervision
  • operator's duties - before starting work, during and after work
  • principles of occupational health and safety

Conditions for participation in the training:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • at least primary education
  • health condition that allows you to work as an operator confirmed by an appropriate medical certificate

We run our UDT courses in two modes - open, which can be used by all interested persons who meet the conditions of participation, and closed, which is intended for organized groups. Warsaw is the main area where we operate, but we are able to prepare classes in other places and dates.

We invite you to use our services!

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