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Crane efficiency check - what to check?

Crane service - daily control of the efficiency of the device

The most effective way to avoid and reduce the risks while working with the gantry is to comply with occupational health and safety regulations. The crane operator must have UDT qualifications allowing him to operate the device. Powers on cranes obtained during UDT training.

Before starting work, the crane operator must check it, namely:

  • visual inspection of the efficiency of the device
  • checking the efficiency of safety mechanisms

Work can only be carried out with cranes that have a valid UDT decision for operation. The device must not be damaged or defective.

Visual inspection of the efficiency of the device:

  • checking the working environment to determine whether there are any new threats to the crane's operation
  • checking the device's runway for fixing elements, deformation, play
  • checking the technical condition of the device, including the control box, leaks of lubricants and other fluids
  • checking the road wheels of the bridge and a hoist or winch
  • checking the rope or load chain and the arrangement of this element in the sockets
  • checking the condition of the gripping device
  • checking the fastening of safety guards
  • checking the condition of warning signs
  • checking if the device is not under maintenance or technical inspection

Checking the efficiency of the functioning of individual safety mechanisms:

  • turning on the main power switch
  • if the device is equipped with a locking device, it must be opened
  • switch cassette control to device when applicable to the device
  • checking the operation of warning mechanisms, including lamps, horns, warning lights
  • checking the operation of control devices
  • checking the correct operation of the emergency stop button
  • checking that the movements of the device correspond to the indications on the control panel
  • checking the operation of limit switches of the lifting mechanism and on the tracks
  • checking the operation of the brake with a load
  • function test of slip clutch and load limiter with load

Finally, the operator should also check the efficiency of the drive mechanisms through a test drive.

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