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Mast climbing work platform service course

Operating the mast climbing work platform is not difficult, but requires UDT qualifications

The mast climbing work platform is a device willingly used in high-bay warehouses, factory halls, as well as for construction and renovation works outside. One of the advantages of this device is its convenience and ease of use. The working platform of the platform is moved automatically along the mast, and the whole, placed on the platform with wheels, can be easily moved from place to place.

This does not mean, however, that the mast platform can be operated by random people. Only operators who pass the exam before the UDT commission are entitled to operate it. Operating the devices by unqualified persons may result not only in damage to the equipment, but also in an accident.

For people who want to work as a mobile platform operator, the course allows you to prepare for the exam from the theoretical and practical side. We invite you to classroom classes taking place all over Poland, as well as online lectures.

Obtaining qualifications for mast climbing work platforms

As part of the "Mast Lifters" course, there is a state examination conducted by examiners from the relevant branch of UDT - Warsaw or other. The examination takes the form of a knowledge test with single-choice questions, followed by a practical skills test. A candidate who passes both parts is awarded an UDT licence to operate mast and stationary mobile platforms, within the same category.

The qualifications issued by UDT can be used to work in the profession of an operator throughout Poland. Mast platform operators are in demand to work in the construction industry, the renovation industry, as well as in warehouses and factory halls.

UDT training with an exam - detailed information

During the course, students gain theoretical and practical knowledge required during the UDT exam. The training program has been developed in accordance with the requirements of this organization and the act on technical inspection. The program is constantly updated based on changes in the regulations, so that the participants are well prepared not only for the exam, but also for subsequent work in the profession.

The scope of the issues covered concerns, among others, work safety, technical inspection regulations, operator's duties during preparation for work, performance of work and after its completion, the construction of mast platforms and the manner of their operation.

The mast climbing work platform has a chassis with wheels enabling its transport from place to place

Students also participate in practical classes on the maneuvering yard, conducted by the Center's instructors.

The estimated duration of the classes is from 10 to 32 hours, depending on the participant's needs and experience in working with devices under technical supervision.

To enroll in the course for operators of suspended mobile platforms:

  • Be at least 18 years of age, have at least basic education and a medical certificate confirming no health contraindications.
  • Check available dates and locations, by contacting us by telephone or e-mail. Through this route, we also provide other information about courses on mobile platforms (e.g. price). Classes are held in several cities throughout Poland.
  • Sign up for training. We accept registration by phone or e-mail. During registration, we conduct an interview with the client in order to qualify him to the appropriate class group.

In addition to open training, we also organize closed training for companies. Please contact us for details on lifting courses (self-propelled mobile platforms), mobile access platforms and others.

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