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Do you want to be licensed to operate the compressor?

The KURSO company offers a course in the field of compressor operation. Thanks to the training in our company, you will learn how to safely and efficiently operate a compressor. Under the watchful eye of our staff, you can purchase any type of compressed air systems for operation and maintenance.

Why a compressor license?

Compressors, compressors, nozzles, blowers and other compressed air installations are devices with a very wide range of applications. Specialist compressors can be found in virtually every car repair shop. Compressors have their place not only at the mechanic's, they can be found basically wherever compressed air is needed. Such installations are also used in pressure painting or when handling pneumatic tools.

In all these cases, you can find your job as an installer and maintenance technician for compressed air systems. Therefore, it is worth considering raising your qualifications to operate the compressor

How does the compressor training course look like?

In Poland, compressors are among the devices under technical supervision. This means that to operate them, you must have the appropriate qualifications, granted by the Office of Technical Inspection. In order to obtain the appropriate qualifications, you must first undergo appropriate training and successfully complete the final exam before the UDT commission.

The compressor course consists of two parts - theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part, students receive lectures on the safe operation and maintenance of the device. The topics discussed at KURSO include:

  • Legal acts regulating the operation and maintenance of compressed air installations;
  • Types of compressors and principles of their operation;
  • Starting and stopping work with the compressor;
  • Keeping technical documentation for compressor maintenance;
  • Requirements for pressure vessels resulting from UDT regulations;
  • Compressor capacity control;
  • Automatic pressure regulation;
  • Health and safety regulations.

Then, in the practical part, you will be able to practice the acquired knowledge in a controlled environment. Here, participants have the opportunity to learn about the compressor and equipment specifications needed for its proper maintenance. As part of the offer, the KURSO company provides all trainees with access to equipment specially adapted to this type of exercise. Thanks to this, people participating in our training courses can take the final exam with confidence.

The exam is similar to the training, it consists of theoretical and practical parts. In the theoretical part, participants have to answer a number of open and closed questions confirming their knowledge of the principles of safe use of the compressor. Then, in the practical part, the test takers must correctly perform a number of activities related to the maintenance and operation of the compressed air system before a commission appointed by the UDT. Passengers who pass both parts of the exam receive compressor qualifications.

The expiry date of the compressor license issued by the Office of Technical Inspection is 5 years. After this period, you must pass the exam again with a positive result to renew your qualifications.

How long is the course for a compressor?

The length depends on many factors. The most important thing here is the level of experience of each participant. Our company offers compressor training for both people with no experience and those who only want to refresh their previously acquired qualifications. In the case of people learners from the beginning, the length of such a course can be even several dozen hours. For people renewing only the previously acquired permit, the KURS company offers express training, lasting one day and ending the same day with an exam.

Training dates at KURSO are variable. In the case of open courses, they are organized regularly throughout the year. If you are interested, please see the schedule on our website.

In addition to standard training sessions taking place on working days, our company is able to adapt to the customer's needs. We also offer weekend and evening training, intended especially for people working or studying in the daytime mode. Thanks to the courses at KURSO, everyone can broaden their professional predispositions

Where are the compressor courses held?

The headquarters of the KURSO company is located in Warsaw. Classes are also held there. Our company, however, has branches all over Poland, and our staff can also travel to individual clients for training.

The theoretical part may additionally take place via the KURSO online educational platform. For some courses, it is possible to conduct the entire training, including the exam, remotely. For more information, please visit our website.

Who can sign up?

Virtually everyone can participate in training courses conducted by KURSO. It is enough to meet a set of basic conditions:

  • 18 years or older;
  • Education at least elementary;
  • There are no medical contraindications for working with compressed air installations.

Our company offers both open courses, available to everyone and private courses, intended for companies willing to expand the professional competences of their employees.

In the case of open courses, the price and their length depends on the level of the course and its length. People who want to sign up for an open compressor course at KURSO are encouraged to read the schedule on our website.

People who are willing to enroll their company's employees in the field of compressor service at KURSO are encouraged to contact our consultants by phone. The price or length of the course depends on many details such as the number of participants or the place of training, prices for companies using KURSO services are always calculated individually. In addition, companies that undertake longer cooperation with KURSO can count on preferential rates.

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