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We invite you to our centre for training in, among other things, the installation of flange connections. We have been specialising in training for licences for several years. Our qualified instructors will pass on their knowledge of the course topics to you, and everything will be accompanied by coffee and refreshments.  

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Training plan in our company 

Our course is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The final element at the end of the course is to take an exam, after which you will receive a certificate. The topics discussed in our training courses are as follows. 

Theoretical part: 

  • seals and their applications, 
  • assembly and disassembly, 
  • working methodology, 
  • measuring tools, 
  • procedures and tasks of the flange fitter, 
  • size normalisation, 
  • international coding, 
  • spacer bolts and flanges. 

Practical part: 

  • inspection and selection of seals, 
  • sequence of work activities, 
  • practical exercises under the supervision of an instructor, 
  • adapted personal protective equipment. 

What will you learn on our course? - topics

  • What are the leakage classes? 
  • What types of flange and bolt connections are there? 
  • What are the effects of bolt relaxation? 
  • What are the rules for storing and transporting PE pipes? 
  • How to perform safe disassembly? 
  • What are the functions, types and properties of seals? 
  • What are the properties of polyethylene, its characteristics and designations? 
  • What is the use of plastics for technical pipeline rehabilitation? 
  • What are the properties of combustible gases? 


To join our course, you must meet the following conditions: 

  • at least 18 years of age, 
  • minimum basic education, 
  • no contraindications to work. 

Who is our course aimed at? 

  • To those wishing to expand their business to include the sale or installation of heating systems. 
  • To those wishing to expand their knowledge of electrical heating systems. 
  • To those wishing to become an authorised installer. 
  • To those seeking continuous development. 

What do you get after the course? 

After our course you will receive: 

  • TÜV certified, 
  • certificate in Polish and English valid for 5 years. 

Purpose of the training 

The aim of the course is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge on the proper installation of pressure connections and operational safety in various industries. During training, we pay particular attention to safety, installation accuracy and efficiency. 


We must never forget safety. Sometimes one mistake is enough to turn a flange fitter's job into a hazard. It is important to watch out at every stage of the job for hazards such as: 

  • risk of fire, 
  • the possibility of economic loss, 
  • risk of land, water and air pollution. 

Place of training 

We provide training throughout Poland and even beyond its borders. We offer our clients access to the indicated address. Our head office is in Warsaw, but we also organise training courses in other cities in the country. Our centres are equipped with modern rooms where our professional instructors impart the necessary knowledge to participants. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our consultants.  

Flange connections  

The use of flanged connection solutions can be seen in many industries. Tightness is always a priority, especially when creating hydraulic and industrial installations. The combination of well-flanged components creates operational safety and efficiency for the entire installation. The use of flanged connections has a good effect in industries and technologies such as chemical factories, oil refineries, electrical centres or food production plants. They guarantee the high tightness of the entire line, thanks to their robust connections. Flanged connection components include: 

  • seals, 
  • two axisymmetric steel flanges, 
  • connecting elements - these are bolts and nuts that fit into the whole structure. 
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