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Course: UDT equipment conservator

Handling devices include, among others, gantries, mobile platforms, forklifts, cranes and cranes

As part of the course, we prepare participants to work as a restorer of selected handling equipment. Maintenance qualifications are obtained through a state examination. As part of the classes, we offer students to take the exam before the UDT committee at convenient times, shortly after the end of the course. Our center organizes training courses in the maintenance of the Office of Technical Inspection of the most popular devices: mobile platforms, forklifts, overhead cranes, cranes, cranes and others.

Work of the UDT equipment conservator

Maintenance technicians of equipment under technical supervision are employed full-time in factories, industrial plants, transport and construction companies, ports, shipyards and other places where devices such as lifts are used, cranes or forklifts. Full-time conservators take care of the proper technical condition of these devices, carry out inspections, and perform repairs.

The work of the UDT device maintenance technician can also be performed on one's own account, providing maintenance services and services for other companies.

Authorizations for maintenance of UDT devices

The course for UDT equipment conservators ends with a state examination. We organize it in consultation with the Office of Technical Inspection, which sets the date and conducts the theoretical and practical exam. Our training program complies with the examination requirements of this organization.

After obtaining the qualifications, the conservator receives a qualification certificate valid for 5 consecutive years.

Courses for maintenance of UDT devices in Warsaw and other cities

We conduct maintenance courses throughout Poland: at the center, in Warsaw, and at branches. We also have the option of organizing closed training courses attended by employees of a given company - in such cases, we offer transport throughout the country.

We provide current dates and places of training to interested customers after contact by phone or e-mail.

Training program in the maintenance of handling equipment

Each of the available training courses is devoted to the maintenance of a given type of equipment. In the KURSO center we conduct classes on the maintenance of the following devices:

  • Aerial platforms, scissor lifts
  • Various types of mobile platforms: hanging, mast, stationary, on railway vehicles
  • General and / or special purpose cranes
  • General and / or special purpose winches and hoists
  • All kinds of forklifts
  • Cranes, cranes, portable cranes HDS

The standard course lasts approximately 96 hours and consists of theoretical and practical lessons, in preparation for the post-class exam. In the case of people who already have experience in working with a given type of equipment, the instructor may decide to shorten the time needed to acquire knowledge and skills.

When carrying out repairs and inspections of devices covered by UDT supervision, you should follow the health and safety rules

The program of activities includes, among others:

  • Types of devices, construction, operation
  • Duties as a conservator
  • Regulations of technical inspection, health and safety and others
  • Methods of removing common faults
  • Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic parts
  • Methods of conducting technical inspections
  • Familiarizing yourself with the manuals for the devices
  • Preparation of technical documentation

The courses may be attended by all adults who have at least basic education and health condition allowing them to work on a given device. Basic skills in mechanics, electrics and plumbing are recommended.




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