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Training in the field of fire regulations

Theoretical and practical classes

We offer comprehensive fire safety training in KURSO Center. We provide an extensive programme of classes and lectures given by specialists. We travel to every city in Poland. Please contact us for details. 

Issues discussed in class 

The training is based on two parts - theoretical and practical. Here are what topics can be covered during the class: 

  • identification of fire hazards at the workplace, 
  • deployment of firefighting equipment - appropriate instruction, 
  • fire instruction in the workplace, 
  • information on escape signs, 
  • familiarisation with the building's fire signage, 
  • the process of conducting an evacuation, 
  • carry out alert procedures, 
  • operation of fire-fighting equipment, e.g. a fire extinguisher, 
  • learning first aid. 

The issues can be freely extended and adjusted depending on the client's expectations. Thanks to this, employees can obtain the best knowledge suited to the nature of their work. During our classes, we organize various shows, and participants can take part in practical exercises. It is worth noting that after completing the training, everyone receives an appropriate certificate. This makes the knowledge confirmed in the form of a document. 

Fire protection in the workplace

Why is it worth it? 

According to Article 209 of the Labour Code, the employer must designate employees to perform tasks in the event of a fire, such as evacuation. It must also provide adequate means to fight the fire. In order to make sure that you duly fulfil this legal obligation, you must provide training on fire regulations. The best option is to organise such a course for all staff. This will make the whole company safer in the event of a fire: the employees will know how to behave and also how to provide assistance to those affected. After the training, the employee will also know what to do if a fire breaks out in his or her own home, as well as how to deal with burns. 

What do we propose? 

The KURSO centre offers you training in fire safety regulations. What characterises our training courses? 

Experience Our staff is properly qualified to conduct this type of courses and has many years of experience. 
Modernity The equipment that we provide to the audience, as well as our rooms, will meet the expectations of even the most demanding. 
Activation The training program is engaging and exceptionally rich - it also includes practical exercises. 

The course is designed for those who are starting in their position. Such training primarily serves as an introduction to fire safety regulations. It is also through this that one learns the rules of conduct in the event of a fire.  


Our courses are characterised by high quality. Thanks to the many years of experience of our instructors, we are aware of the needs of our clients. All our training courses are held in modern classrooms with the appropriate equipment. This makes it possible to hold classes in a comfortable environment and in an attractive format. We also involve participants in a variety of activities, which makes the training much more interesting. The course programme is constantly updated based on the latest regulations and guidelines. All this guarantees the full professionalism of training at the KURSO Centre. 

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Where is the course taking place? 

Training takes place at our training centres or at the client's premises. We conduct courses throughout Poland and even abroad. You can sign up for on-site training in an open or closed format. An open course is open to anyone wishing to broaden their skills. In the case of closed training, participants are individuals from an organised group. We hold courses at various times. If you would like to organise a class at your workplace, this is possible! We are able to organise training at any location you choose, whether it is a training room or your workplace. 


The price at our centre depends, among other things, on the number of participants. We have discounts for larger organised groups. To find out more and receive a quote, we encourage you to call us. 

KURSO Center 

The KURSO centre has more than just courses on offer. In case you need other services in the field of fire regulations, we are at your disposal. If necessary, we are able to carry out maintenance, inspection or repair of firefighting equipment. We offer these services and many others at favourable prices. You will find more details on our website. Knowledge of fire prevention regulations is crucial to the safety of your business, which makes it all the more important for you to take part in our training courses and take advantage of our other services in this area. Knowledge of fire prevention is really useful both in the workplace and in everyday life. 

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