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We organize vocational courses and exams, including UDT courses and G1, G2, G3 qualifications, welding and welding.

Kurso training offer

We have many years of experience in organizing vocational courses, thanks to which you can easily obtain qualifications to work in various positions. We meet the expectations of our clients, providing them with professional support in the implementation of their professional plans, and we hope that we will also be able to meet all your requirements in this area.

Comprehensive learning, modern educational methods, qualified staff, affordable prices and modern equipment - all this makes using our classes a decision of the past.

Our offer includes mainly:

  • training for UDT qualifications for operators and maintenance workers of handling equipment (UTB)
  • training for G1, G2, G3 qualifications up to 1kV, before the SEO, PSE, SIMP, SITPS commission selected by the student - G-1 (electrical power engineering), G-2 (heat) and G3 (gases)
  • training for welding qualifications and welding - for butt, muff and electrofusion welding (HS + HM + HMS, BUG Gazobudowa, Office of Technical Inspection) and for persons supervising the welding of thermoplastics

As part of the classes for UTB operators and maintenance technicians, we offer:

We want our students to be able to obtain professional preparation in their profession, which is why learning in our center is always comprehensive and takes place under the supervision of experienced instructors. We use modern, activating teaching methods, thanks to which our students can better prepare both for exams and for everyday work.

We organize trainings in an open mode - they are intended for every interested person. We also conduct UDT and G1, G2, G3 and other closed trainings which are addressed to employee groups. In each of these cases, the price of our classes is very attractive. We operate in the city of Warsaw and in other cities.

We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer presented on the website - in Kurso we are also always available and answer all your questions related to our training services.

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